Saturday, December 4, 2010

i feel worthless

why do people are easy to promise but then they disappear. for me they deserve to be called inhuman no matter how 'sweet' they are. it will be nice if we can know either the promises is true or not. if do, the word disappointment would not exist and so everything seems to be perfect right? if you willing to start a promise a.k.a make 'a someone's heart grow fonder', you can empathize or practicing with these kind of words. there are two ways of meeting difficulties. you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself to meet them. which one are you?

if you are unsure with your lovable words, you have to start your promise with :
I WILL TRY.. will means doubt. so you will not leave your lover in fake imaginary.
-unlikely for people to say that because they aren't sure for what they have said. FECES.

if you are really sure with everything that came out from your 'nozzle', these words might help you. Perhaps..
I CAN.. can is word of power. so you do have a power to fulfill promises to your special one. they will feel joyous, dreamy and bla3.
-err this is impossible!
-hmm do not use too many metaphors or personification to show your ferociousness love. it looks fake instead.

..The experience of love can ruin someone because love is cruel, deceiving, and agonizing. the only thing an individual can prevent heart broken is by experienced. love and to be loved is a human nature..

I brought my heart into the room but from the room, I carried none with me. thank you.

note: dude, you are the one who set it up, now and forever you are the one who make it stop. its okay if im empty inside. but im the who's feeling lost right now. ruthless people won't feel guilty.


hamzah ian said...

omputih ni gua blur skit

anah nik mahmood said...

memang nak kasi lu blur pon

hidayat.yusof said...

wow ! bahasa urdu ! aku paham!!

anah nik mahmood said...

ko kan org bajau ibanas. memang paham

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